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             Tunceli, a city located in the east of Turkey, has a rich potential as regards the outdoor sports. Such sports as rafting, mountaineering and skiing can be done in our Munzur Valley National Park, which covers the broadest area in Turkey.


             In Ovacık, a district of our city, the skiing center established for the purpose of improving the winter tourism has been in the service of our people for almost a year.


             An important branch of the Fırat River, the Munzur River is one the rare rivers on which rafting can be done thanks to its water desity and proper flow of the water through the valley.


The mountainuous nature of the city and especially the steep Munzur and Mercan Mountains are worth seeing. The glacier lakes at the top of the mountains are the main reason  for climbing.


             The Munzur Valley is one of the richest national parks in Turkey as regards its endemic flora.


             If these are among your wishes

             To love the nature

             To live in harmony with the nature

             To the outdoor sports

             To protect and improve the quality of nature

             To help the interaction of cultures

             To see new cultures

             To discover new places

then join us for skiing abd climbing on the Munzur Mountains, rafting on the Munzur Valley.


             We are lookig forward to hearing from you.


You can be astonished by magnificent scenary surrounded by huge and mystic mountains and icy lakes ornamented with lovely flowers.

The most outstanding view that will attract your attention is surely Crying Rocks it has got a legendary tale.

If you enjoy water sports you can have chance to experience rafting at the heart of the nature.

As a variety of sports there is also an opportunity to enjoy skiing as a winter sports.

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